we all know that the main intension of our society is to make our self suitable for the industry and have to be interpreters and leaders, for that what we believe is we should possess technical skills along with our core skills and life skills we can learn the core skills from the classes but not the technical skills, for getting good technical skills we should engage with doing more projects and having good industrial knowledge.For that .

Vision and Mission

The purpose of establishment of INCUBATION club at LEADERSHIP FOUNDATION is in line with the vision 2030 of Planning Commission of India that India must become a developed, industrialized, just and prosperous nation within one generation. The concept lays emphasis on application of R&D, respectable employment opportunities for our educated and technical manpower and development of indigenous enterprises to create appropriate jobs and stop the cream of HR from settling abroad and to stop the brain drain. When employed in enterprises developed locally, the technical manpower will help to create knowledge based economy.
To spread knowledge, to achieve excellence and to obtain socio economic benefits. The following mission with a well devised road map.
1. To Attain and Impart Knowledge: Advancement of knowledge through education in an academically diverse range of disciplines. For this purpose institutes have been set up in all parts of the country.
2. Achieve Excellence: To generate and preserve knowledge, understanding and creativity by conducting high quality R&D to benefit students, scholars and communities across the country.
3. Apply the Knowledge: Extension and application of knowledge and its exchange with society and entrepreneurs. Establishment of Incubation club is part of the roadmap to utilize knowledge and expertise thus generated.

Objectives of LEADERSHIP Incubation club:
The objectives of the Incubation Club are to provide a platform for young entrepreneurs, especially from outgoing students, faculty and small entrepreneurs to develop their technology based companies at the incubation club. The selection of projects will be based on three criteria,
 The topics will be in fields of best LEADERSHIP strength and capabilities. The projects in Biosciences, Information Technology, Bioinformatics, Design, Project Management and Arts can be taken up straight away, while other needing incubation will be provided the opportunity.
 The projects with high national priority, like Agriculture, Energy, Electronics including Microwave and Telemetry will be selected for further development to make them marketable in association with entrepreneurs.
 Projects have to be attractive to o To do innovation at the incubation club in fields of our expertise which may need development related to design, biosciences, genetically engineered seeds, telemetry, energy sources, energy saving etc. and develop prototype marketable products acceptable to industry. o To make intensive efforts to involve the industry into joint projects by means of seminars, workshops, lectures poster exhibitions, permanent exhibits and provision of facilities. In the first instance focus will be on local industry, India specific problems and interest of the faculty.
o Consultancy and fields of expertise: Consultancy to the Industry is possible in fields of all our expertise as compared to those requiring labs for development. Consultancy can be done in the fields like Information Technology, Semiconductor Technology, Electronics, Design, Digital Signal Processing, Telemetric Monitoring, Renewable Energy Sources and Fiber Optic Communication. LEADERSHIP can greatly help in Biosciences, Bio-fertilizers/ Bio pesticides for different crops, Agro based Pharmaceutical Development, Plant Tissue Culture Technology for Micro Propagation of Plants, Flowers and Seeds of demand, production of difficult crops, vegetables, development of Bacterial Biosensors, Bioremediation Strategies and development of Vaccines, Industrial Waste and Pollution Management, and in Project Management Sciences. These topics will be the core fields at Incubation Center.
o Develop the Incubation Club and in next phase expand it to a Technology Park, supporting businesses in many more fields covering LEADERSHIP capabilities in competitive environment.

Goals :
1)Assign more mini projects to the 2nd years to habituate them that projects are also required in their academic schedule.
2)All the projects belong to their core subjects and they should be completed in a certain period of time.
3)While the projects are going on we will provide all the faculty support and make it a good working model.
4)after the completion of mini projects we will conduct an intra college event between different branches.
5)For the pupils who are interested to make their own projects on the idea generated from their mind, we will try to provide all the financial support from the college management and guide them with a senior faculty member only if the project is reliable.
6)If the project is research oriented project we will try to find sponsors outside the college or from the alumini students of the college.
7) Make the people to visit their core industry in every semester.
8)Make the students to send more number of technical papers to the international journals.
9)Provide all our support to the pupils who are interested to participate in the inter college events and the projects having good stuff will be patented and try to release them as the product in the market by having tie up with the industries and make the pupils the complete use of all the funds getting to the college from the university and the government organizations.


1. About the Incubation
2.Working with new ideas
3. Working with new Technologies
4. Basics of Project Making
5. Multi-branch projects


gate automation

this project controls the gate automatically without human interference

RF Remote Control

When we press any key in the remote, the transmitter section generates the corresponding RF signal and this signal is received by the receiver section, hence it switches the corresponding appliance.

Gesture based mouse control

mouse control using hand gestures

irrigation control

automatic watering system

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