Leadership webapps club is one of the most innovative club in Leadership. We mainly deals with web-designing, web-applications, coding, hacking, networking, workshops on coding,developing apps and Andriod apps etc.


To produce new young minds in the fields of Web and Mobile to create new era in the technical world.

Our Process Model

Stage-1 : A Student in webapps club should require min 65% in his academics. He has to attend all the webapps classes and has to learn all the basics in this stage.
Stage-2 : In 2-1 semester he has to do a normal project with the basic knowledge which he acquired in Stage-1.He has to present minimum 2 paper/poster presentations in other colleges.He has to attend advanced webapps classes in this stage which deals with C,PHP,HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT,HACKING ATTACKS.
Stage-3: In 2-2 semester he has to prepare his team and start working on a better project regarding core languages and he has to train his juniors with his team who are at Stage-1 .As usual he has to present 1 paper/poster presentations and 1 model presentation,1 coding competation.He has to attend to advanced++ webapps classes in this stage which deals with JAVA, MYSQL, PHYTHON, PERL, ANDRIOD.
Stage-4 : In 3-1 semester he has to complete his core project and has to submit documentation to webapps and Leadership - R&D.He has to participate in any one of the competation in IIT/NIT surely.Based on the performance in last 3 stages he will be elected to one of the designation in webapps club and he will be the core team member and also one of the Leadership websites will be given to his team to maintain for one year.
Stage-5 :In Stage 4 he will be free of all the designations and he has to fully concentrate on placements and softskills etc.


1. Describe differences in renderings of pages based on different browser versions and versions of HTML they support, and portability techniques for designing a site that works well for multiple browsers and screen resolutions.
2. Describe ways to design pages to load fast for users with limited bandwidth and to test loading speed.
3. Describe principles of visual and graphic design, including page layout, navigation elements, typography, colour palettes and schemes, and image size, type and resolution.
4. Describe how writing for the web should differ from writing for printed publications.
5. Describe the importance of evaluation and testing and ways to evaluate website effectiveness.
6. Choose best technologies for solving web client/server problems


1)This course enables students to understand web page site planning, management and maintenance.
2)The course explains the concept of developing advanced HTML pages with the help of frames, scripting languages, and evolving technology like DHTML .
3) The main objective behind introduction of this course is also to develop web sites which are secure and dynamic in nature and writing scripts which get executed on server as well.
4)It covers the notions of Web servers and Web Application Servers, Design Methodologies with concentration on Object-Oriented concepts, Client-Side Programming, Server-Side Programming, Active Server Pages, Database Connectivity to web applications, Adding Dynamic content to web applications, Programming Common Gateway Interfaces, Programming the User Interface for the web applications.


Heartynote - An online Memories based social networking platform

Hearty note is an online memory based social networking platform where we can note and share your sweet memories , daily notes, ideas, thoughts , feelings , news , remainders etc. Create your beautiful diary and Just note each and every moment of your life heartfully. Sign up to heartynote : http://heartynote.com/

Flashmart - India's first local online shoppy

Flashmart.in - India's First Local Online Shoppy , I designed and developed an E-Commerce Platform for the people , In which one can buy and sale their products through online . and also concentrated on student to student marketing where one student can upload and sale products to some other ,local handicraftsThe main theme of flashmart is to create employability by giving internships for the students who are willing to have an industrial experience before they work in corporate world. http://www.flashmart.in

Donors4u - A common platform for blood donors and needies

Donors4u is an organisation that brings the volunteer blood donors and those in need of blood on a common platform.We created an organisation that let u know the blood donors and blood acceptors on a common terrace. Our Fruitful and Favourable Organisation Mission is to satisy every individual who requires blood and encourage who is ready to donate blood. Requirement of blood for every needed individual lies in the search of blood donor.. http://www.donors4u.org

Intramail-An Innovative way to make an organization more interactive

Intramail is an innovative way to make an organization more interactive ..It Creates a dynamic approach to meet the Members requirements ,it offers more facilities to send mails from one to one on a perticular organization .You can share your mails with your collegues and files sharing also possible. Sign up to Intramail : intramail.leadershipfoundation.info

Haifriend - Social Networking site

haifriend is a cute & joyful online park where people make new friends and get basic utilites of both fun and knowledge as they get bind with friends,family,new relations and can publish articles,publish cards,free ads ,publish old item for sale etc..!

College online shopping

This application is useful for the students for more interaction because here it Was providing facility of selling any things like books,drafters,gadgets etc. The person who logged in have both the options of buying and selling the things For buying he has to contact to the person who posted that item so by this way Their will be more interaction between them

Leadership Inschools

This is a website to take the leadership organisation into the schools. Our main motive of starting this chapter is to bring out the best students from school level and train them from school level so that they can join in best engineering colleges. The vision is to produce efficient leaders with the efficient skills who can make a significant contribution to the society through the application of their knowledge in different domains.


It is a complete database management system that is suitable to be employed in a college. In this website we are providing a login authentications for every HOD and every faculty separately. Using this management system, the head of college can take search the attendance of any individual student in the entire college using his roll number or course undertaking. In this system, the teacher will mark the absentees for the class. The data gets stored. The head can check the attendance of any individual student from any time to time.


Quiz is a powerful question management system that enables trainers and educators to make e-learning exams quickly and easily. Our exams provide students with an array of visual cues that make taking an online exam less complicated. For instance, students are only shown one question at a time, yet students can preview any question, answer them in any order they choose, and see instantly which questions they have answered.


To Promote the strength our country youth to the Global World in terms of knowledge to make the students best in their careers by adopting the area of interest in their daily routine and to excel the students in multiple domains and make them to meet the standards of excellence consistently ....!!!

Budget Controller

Budget control is the biggest financial issue in the present world .One should look after their budget control to get ride off from their financial crisis .Young Techno crats came up with an idea of solving budget and time issues which we usually face in our daily lives .We are here to provide a budget controller according to your aspects.

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